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5 FREE Online Lectures for Couples

Create a breakthrough in your relationship in the comfort of your own home with the Couples Therapy online course. Get our step-by-step process so you can stop struggling and start loving.

FREE LECTURE: Couples Therapy 101 - 1. Why All Couples Struggle

Being in a relationship is difficult for almost everybody. Most couples have no idea what triggers them.

It's hard to be sitting in front of a counsellor because there's so much shame involved and embarrassment so we don't have the courage to show ourselves vulnerably.

Fundamentally, what happens in childhood is that children are trained to relate in particular ways. We are programmed from very early on to behave as we do.

In this full course, discover and name for yourself how your relationships elicit patterns of unhappiness and learn what you need to do for this to change for the better!


Upcoming Lectures - Section 1:

1/1. Some Sad Relationship Truths

1/2. Problem Patterns from Childhood

1/3. Attachment Styles

1/4. Empowering Your Sense of Self

1/5. Managing Emotional Reactivity

1/6. Escaping Flawed Thinking & Beliefs

1/7. How Unknown or Unseen Needs Dictate 1/8. Your Conflict Cycle

1/9. Effective Communication

1/10. Self-management Requirements

Upcoming Lectures - Section 2:

2/1. Attachment Style Governs How You Relate 2/2. Managing Power

2/3. Which Emotions Run Me?

2/4. Flawed Beliefs & Perspectives

2/5. How Unknown or Unmet Needs Rule You 2/6. From Poor to Good Communication

2/7. The Communication Slow-Step

2/8. Power Plays in our Conflict Cycle

2/9. Transforming Emotional Reactivity

2/10. Escaping That Conflict Cycle

Upcoming Lectures - Section 3:

Details yet to be announced!

FREE LECTURE: Couples Therapy 101 - 2. Dynamics Driving Relationships

Generally, not always the women are more engaging. They are just better at relating and also at talking and feeling so they can express themselves more often and naturally.


On the other hand, men even as one-year-olds are very happy to play alone. They were quite adept at just choosing something they wanted to do, going off doing it and very often struggle to relate.

So men by having this behaviour, make it more difficult for women to relate to them. As they oppose each other with enclosed feelings versus natural expression.

Watch this video to learn more about relationships and behaviours.

FREE LECTURE: Couples Therapy 101 - 3. Understanding Arguments

In this course, I'm going to teach couples how to improve communication. There are patterns that couples get into so they can't bridge the gap between them.

I'm going to help people understand and teach a range of anxiety and avoidance styles.

Watch this video and understand a little more about it.

FREE LECTURE: Couples Therapy 101 - 4. Attachment Style Clashes

Fundamentally the way you report is caused by the so-called "attachment styles", a term that was coined way back in the 50s and 60s when the popular terms were anxious and secure.

Attachment is an innate motivating force. It will control our relationships unless we control it. Suppressing or ignoring the power of attachment amounts to surrendering to its impact on our relationships.

Watch this video and learn more about style clashes.

FREE LECTURE: Couples Therapy 101 - 5. The 6 Drivers

We mainly have six groups of emotions driving our behaviour and, eventually, our relationships. I'll help you develop skills to harness these emotions so you can thrive and be the master of your own behaviour.

Watch this video and learn more about The 6 Drivers.

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