What can you expect your marriage & relationship therapist on your first session?
  • Listen carefully 

    To your relationship situation, and what you are wanting to do about it – if you know;

    Both viewpoints on what is going on, that is not working for you.

    Provide the help or advice you seek to take the first steps to bring harmony and love back into your relationship.

  • Provide opportunity 

    For you to discover, and get help for, the underlying causes of challenges you face in your relationship;

    Assist you to gain insight into the hidden dynamics of your relationship, how these are affecting your relationship right now, and what must be done if the change is to occur;

  • Provide hope and strategies

    As to how to get your relationship back on track, including a step by step outline for moving forward.

    Create a safe environment for the ongoing exploration of your relationship/marriage. This safety must extend to the situation in your own home.

  • Explain 

    The therapeutic model being used, and why it works so well.

    Give you tasks you can do between the sessions that will help you to gain insight into, and make changes to, your relationship.

    Bring your attention to relevant articles on Jeff’s websites that provide further insight into your situation, and tools to help you improve it.

  • Confidentiality

    My office is a safe place. My intention here is to reassure you that everything we share during your time with me will be kept only between us. As all therapists do, I must only share your first name with my supervisor and no more than that. The anonymous conversation is required for a session to be fully effective.


12 , 3, 5 pm Monday

11, 12 , 3,


My office is located on the ground floor of my own home, purpose-built for counselling work. My wife Lucy also works from here. You can contact her through her website:

or check out




Most couples sessions are for one hour, sometimes longer by negotiation. Many couples find it useful to have one and a half hour sessions so that they get into the work quickly.


Cost is just $180 for a one-hour session.


Payment by EFTPOS, internet transfer or cash at the end of each session.


Please note that cancellation must be made more than 48 hours before a session so that the time can be made available to others. Late cancellations and forgotten appointments will incur a full fee.


Courses are available from time to time. These are a very cost effective way to learn about couples dynamics, why things go wrong, and offer effective strategies to get your relationship back on track.

Let Jeff or Lucy know if you are interested in these, and you will be contacted if /when a course is scheduled.



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